Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just finished going over the edit

I just finished going over the edit on my forthcoming book tentatively titled A Promise Kept. Lee Emory at Mountainview is bringing it out and the edit was done by Barbara Warren at Blue Mountain Edit I have 26-27 books in print, I'd have to check, but I have to tell you this is the best edit on a book that I've ever gotten. I loved every suggestion.

This was my first book of fiction. It came out as To Keep a Promise and for reasons I won't go into the publisher decided they just wanted to go with audiobooks and dropped their print line. I ended up with like 500 copies printed which were gone in a couple of months. The book deserved better and I can't tell you how pleased I am that Lee agrees.

I added another 30,000 words and substantial additional storyline to it. However, I write much better now than I did then and I didn't realize how much work it needed even if I did love the storyline. It has the strongest faith content in it I've put in a book. Barbara commented on that saying that she had reviewed books from a number of fairly well known authors that were rather heavy handed with the faith content but she really liked the way I handled it. I'm pleased even more about that.

The book got terrific reviews and won several awards, I could have done a lot with it if I had copies to sell. I expect it to do even better this time. I don't have a publication date yet but watch for this one, I guarantee that you're going to love it.

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Robert Treskillard said...

Congrats, Terry! That must be exciting to bring your first book to publication again. Keep us updated.