Sunday, July 5, 2009

Under God

Our church will have their patriotic celebration of our nation's birthday today and Saundra and I will sing a special entitled "Under God." At a time when we have a President running around telling the world that "America is no longer a Christian Nation," the sad part is there was no public outcry to the point that the world knew he was wrong. Depending on the survey, anywhere from 80-90% of those in this country say they believe in God although the number who are practicing Christians is much smaller. The point is they say they are Christians.

How do you get "not a Christian nation" out of over 80%? Our nation was founded by men of faith that spent more time on their knees asking for God's guidance than on their feet debating issues. The documents that guide our nation are riddled with Biblical tenets and principles. Yet today our government seems determined to take God out of our pledge of Allegiance, off our money and our courthouses and halls of power. Excuse me, but when did over 80% become a minority?

Yet it must be. That should be enough votes to make the government do anything we want it to, so why is that not happening? Either we are not DEMANDING that our representatives quit going down a road we don't want them to travel, or we no longer care enough to see that our wishes are followed. I think it is the latter. Everyone I talk to is unhappy with what is happening in Washington. I say "Why tell me? Tell them!"

We've fought wars for our freedom and our independence, will we now just roll over and accept whatever they spoon-feed us? We need to speak up, we need to carry our faith into the voting box with us, and above all we need to live in such a way that no matter what our President might say on the world stage people can tell by looking at us that he is wrong.

That's the way to celebrate the 4th of July, forget the fireworks, let's start taking our country back while we still can.

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