Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm an independent

Yes, I’m an independent. It goes back to when my mother and father cancelled each others votes every time they cast them. Mother won, she outlived him, although at 95 she doesn’t feel like she can keep up with things well enough to cast an intelligent vote. I wish more felt like that and if they couldn’t vote intelligently just wouldn’t vote at all.

But I digress. To keep from taking sides as soon as I could vote I was an avowed independent, supporting the candidates rather than the party. Then I went into chamber of commerce work and since I had to work with both parties my independent status was useful showing I was unbiased. I even carried a voter registration card that proclaimed that status.

I’m an independent now more than ever. I’m unhappy with both parties and the unprecedented level of government expansion and spending. I would support a genuine third party if it didn’t mean penalizing one party over the other producing a result I would not like to see.

I am disgusted with the politicians going ahead and doing what they want to do ignoring the huge public outcry. The major portion of America do not want the huge spending, the major expansion of government, the incursion into our lives. They simply don’t seem to care and seem dead set on doing what they want to do regardless of what the people that sent them there want them to do.

They seem dead set on spending the money of our children and grandchildren. They make it clear that they do not think we are intelligent enough to know what is good for us so the government must control more and more until they control everything. I simply can’t understand why there is anyone in this country that isn’t insulted by that.

Yes, I’m an independent and for me party means nothing. The issues and even the character of those involved is everything for me. And quite frankly I sincerely hope that anyone voting for this monstrosity of a health care bill will be committing political suicide to do it. And I will do anything that I can do to see that happens. Along with encouraging others to be independent in their thoughts as well. Most of this stuff is pretty easy to see through of we take the party blinders off.


sdg said...

Great thoughts, Terry. I just hope folks will have the fortitude to vote the non-representing representatives out of office.

Andy Van Loenen

Rulan said...
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Rulan said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment.

Have a wonderful Christmas.