Monday, September 13, 2010

Congratulations to Tim Austin on signing a contract with Comfort Publishing for his book "The Exasperated Woman's Guidebook".

“All I want is for my husband to notice me.”

“I wish he understood my heart.”

“Why can’t he care about our relationship as much as I do?”

Our culture is in the era of the Lonely Woman, with more than half of adult women living in a household without a man and many women who are in committed relationships raising questions and experiencing disappointments like the ones mentioned above. The truth is that men in our culture are behaving badly and getting by with it, while women report feeling empty and vulnerable like never before. Frustrated that her man can’t or won’t engage, it’s not uncommon for a woman to come to the disheartening conclusion that the more she pursues her man to engage and strengthen their relationship, the more he retreats. What’s a girl to do?

This book reveals to the frustrated woman that there’s a secret world between the ears of her man governed by hierarchies, needs, principles and codes that, while she might find foreign, influence most of how her man thinks, acts and responds. The bad news is that these secret rules can be a woman’s worst enemy. The good news is that they can also be her best friend—if she understands what they are and how to use them. In fact, by working with her man’s innate grid instead of against it, a woman will discover that getting her man to notice her, cherish her and engage with her is not the dead-end endeavor she once thought it to be.

Tim writes and speaks extensively on relationships and the power of respect to transform those relationships. In the process, he inspires readers and audiences to visualize a world in which everyone treats each other with respect and honor, then empowers them to turn that vision into reality in their own lives.


Raquel Byrnes said...

Congratulations, Tim! So glad to hear that your wonderful book will get into the hands of many who need some hope. Great news!

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Cheryl Linn Martin said...

Sounds so interesting, Tim! So happy your book will be out there to help so many women. Congrats!