Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Don't read this if you don't want to talk about politics

Here’s what I want,

I don’t support either party, I am a lifelong independent and I’m not all that happy with either party but I am diametrically opposed to liberals wanting to give us more and bigger government no matter which party they are in, and they are in both.

I don’t believe it is about raising the debt ceiling and defaulting on debt, the government has enough money coming in to take care of current bills. I believe it is about giving the government even more money to spend after they have already spent like drunken sailors. The amount the government has to spend should be cut, not expanded. Both sides are playing politics for the next election, not trying to fix the problem and treating us like idiots trying to manipulate us doesn't go over well with this country boy.

If we can identify a list of billions in duplicated services why didn’t Congress or the administration go to work eliminating the duplications THE SAME DAY IT CAME OUT. I want that done NOW.

Why do we keep giving money to people all over the world when most of them don’t like us. I think we ought to stop doing that TODAY. I particularly don’t understand giving foreign aid to China so they can turn around and loan it to us at loan shark interest rates. How insane is that?

I do think the rules should be changed so that Congress cannot exempt themselves from all the laws they pass and yes, I think that means they ought to have to be on social security and the same health care as the rest of us. They'd have more insights into the problems the ordinary citizens have if they had the same problems. Also I don’t believe serving one term in Congress should entitle them to a big pension the rest of their life, that is disgraceful. People in the real world have to work many years to earn a pension.

If nearly 10% of the people in this country are out of work why aren’t 10% of the bureaucrats laid off too? There’s some significant savings right there.

I support a balanced budget amendment. That forces politicians to toe the line here in Texas and it works very well. Families have to live within their budget, no choice, and government should as well.

I do not support raising taxes on anybody, but I would support tax reform to get rid of our jumbled tax code in favor of a flat tax that EVERYONE pays.

I do support repealing the health care law and starting over from scratch.

I know that “separation of church and state” means the government should not mandate religion, it doesn’t mean Christians should not have a say in the way they are represented and it DOES NOT MEAN EVERY VESTAGE OF FAITH SHOULD BE REMOVED  from our buildings, from our money, from the pledge of allegiance and from all of the other places we seem dead set on causing that to happen. This has always been a Christian nation and while we have always felt that freedom means everyone could worship who they wish and how they wish, I am very, very upset that the government seems to be setting itself up as an opponent of Christianity.

I believe in standing with Israel, philosophically and from a religious standpoint. I have no confidence that our current leadership will do that.

I believe in the constitution and resist any efforts to do so many things which are not in the spirit of that document. More and more I see actions being taken that in my mind are unconstitutional and nobody is standing up and challenging that.

I’m sorry, but I can’t trust a President who surrounds himself with advisors who are raving liberals instead of people who have down to earth experience in some of the problem areas we are trying to navigate.

They tell me the election will depend on where the independents choose to place their vote. I don’t know how other independents feel but I have no interest at all in campaign rhetoric, I care about what people are doing right now to cut our debt and DRASTICALLY reduce spending, to grow jobs, and who are working to get us off this radical liberal course we seem dead set on achieving.

I almost never blog on politics, too volatile, and gets in the way of other things I am involved in, but I believe now and then we just need to stand up and be counted. So, politicians on both sides, want my vote? Quit politicking and clean this mess up.


Dee Yoder said...

Hear! Hear! I agree--time to stop talking and start doing: got that, Elected Officials?

Deborah Dee Harper said...

Amen, Terry! Amen.

You said it beautifully and if I were you, I'd send a copy of this post to every single senator in Congress. They need to hear it like it is and then ACT ON IT.

Thanks for saying what needs to be said.