Thursday, September 15, 2011

We need a knight on a white horse!

We do.

I have often said that I am a life-long independent. I do not owe allegiance to any political party and never have. But anybody would have to have their head stuck in the sand to not realize that the current administration’s policies have sent our debt out of control and have caused the size of government to grow exponentially. Even members of their own party are recognizing that. And the solution to the problem is throwing MORE money at it and raising taxes? I don’t think so. The definition of insanity is continuing to do something that doesn’t work and expecting different results.

Sure, our President was dealt a tough hand, but you can only blame Bush for so long. That old song started getting ridiculous some time ago. They’ve had three years to start turning things around and things have done nothing but get worse. It’s a basic policy thing. They think the solution to every problem is more spending and more government and most of the country believes that it is small business that is the primary job creator.

So why do I say we need a knight on a white horse? Because to be what the country needs and do what the country needs done they may in the process condemn themselves to being a one term President themselves. To rein in our out of control spending and the unnecessary layers and size of government will probably make unemployment worse instead of better by putting some government employees in those lines until the private sector jobs start taking those numbers down.

That would take political courage and would take someone who genuinely puts the needs of the country ahead of political aspirations. I’m not sure anybody in Washington is willing to do that these days.

It wasn’t intended to be that way. It amazes me that over 200 years ago a group of men sat down and designed a nation that is the greatest nation on earth. But, with the possible exception of Thomas Jefferson, it never occurred to them that there would be such a thing as a professional politician. They were supposed to come to Washington, do the job, then go home and live under what they had done. And they sure didn’t have in mind exempting themselves from everything they passed. Something tells me if our congress had to be under social security or on our medical, they would get the programs fixed immediately. And to earn a full retirement for life just serving a few years in Congress? They would be appalled.

We must be a nation of sheep to let them keep feeding us this. I applaud the Tea Party for starting to shine a light on some of this mess and holding a hard line on it. Demonizing them for doing it is ridiculous as well. Some of our nations strongest politicians whining about how a bunch of housewives and small business owners are kicking them around? Give me a break!

Sir Lancelot, where are you?


Daphne Michele Webb said...

My only comment: well said!

Donn Taylor said...

You're right on target, Terry. We need to throw out the professional politicians. There's the old story about the difference between a horse race and a political race. In a horse race, the entire horse runs.

Linda Glaz said...

You tell 'em!