Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Daughter's wedding

I gave David Piearcy one of the most precious things I have when I gave away my daughter Teri at her wedding. She was absolutely beautiful and I was absolutely proud.

Walking her down the aisle

Saundra and I with the bride and groom flanked by Teri's daughter Mandy and son Jacob.

Saying their vows

Leaving in a flurry of bubbles


Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

I absolutely love that burgundy gown! That is my favorite color! And she has your eyes Terry! Congratulations to Teri and David!

Deborah Dee Harper said...

Beautiful bride, beautiful cake, beautiful gown! What a great wedding, Terry. Congratulations to Teri and David, and to you, too, proud dad!


Teri Piearcy said...

Thanks, all! Gotta love my dad!

mark lawrence said...

Nice post!! Great to know about these homemade wedding favors. I am planning my daughter’s wedding at one of NYC wedding venues. Finding it quite difficult to manage everything so will hire wedding planner for the day.