Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm getting really tired of it

I really am.

Every time I make a political statement I lead it by saying I am a lifetime Independent. I have never been tied to either political party. And I'm not happy with either one right now.

I'm tired of the half truths, innuendos or just outright lies that characterize our current political campaigns. Both sides are doing it. But I have to say the Romney/Ryan campaign seems to be spending time talking about the issues people really want to hear about. On the other side, particularly those faceless superpacs that everybody says they have no control over at all, seem to have a political strategy solely aimed at character assassination. That is just terrible.

I believe that character matters, and I want the finest person possible to hold the highest office in our nation. But it is more important to me to hear what I need to hear to get a person in that office that has answers I can support to turn this train wreck of a government around. We've had leaders who have had outstanding morals and character that did not do a good job at all. And we have had leadership that I think everybody would agree had some substantial moral shortcomings but who did a pretty good job. I think we ought to be talking about issues. It turns me off every time someone mounts another personal attack instead of debating the issues, on either side.

Is it a train wreck? Do you think $17 Trillion in debt is a train wreck? I do. I want to know what we're going to do about it. Obamacare is already estimated to cost at least double what we were promised and all kind of unintended repercussions are already showing up. We need Health Care reform, but most Americans think what we have isn't it. Talk to me about that. The growth of government is out of control, how are we going to turn that around? Rules, regulations, taxes and uncertainty is causing business to not want to hire anybody, how are we going to turn our job market around, because another round of massive stimulous is NOT the answer. The general public is not that stupid.

In fact the general public is pretty tired of being treated as if they are not smart enough to understand what is going on in Washington. It's clear leaders think only they can decide what is best for us. We need to be identifying people on all levels that feel that way and replace them, White House, Congress, and bureaucrats. Convince us who needs to be on that list and who doesn't, but keep treating us like we're stupid and we're going to make you pay a price for that.

Did I mention I getting really tired of all this?


Normandie Ward Fischer said...

Well said.

Carole Lehr Johnson said...

Amen to all that you said, Mr. Burns. Want to run for President?