Sunday, September 16, 2012

Getting old

My advice is . . . don't do it.

Getting old is for the birds. And I can remember exactly when it happened to me. You don't believe I can pinpoint an exact time? Well, I can.

I was an energetic middle aged man when one day a ladder went out from under me and I got stuck non-weight-bearing on that foot for 7 months while it healed. Of course muscles don't like that kind on inactivity very much so I've never been quite the same. One day I was middle aged, and the next day I was old. Bummer.

Why am I talking about this today? It's on my mind because I was working in the workshop yesterday and picked up something that was heavier than I thought it was and was soon down in my back. Another bummer.

That's the second thing that contributed to my officially being a senior citizen. I was at a writer's conference a few years back and took a box of books out of an elderly ladies trunk for her, twisting somehow in the process. Talk about a painful ride back from Dallas to Amarillo. Now I can easily do something that will aggrivate it, and as I said I managed to do that yesterday. I told Saundra yesterday that I should have been rewarded for helping that little lady, not punished.

But that's how life works and I'm just explaining, not complaining, at least not much. A few months before Mother went on to her reward she told me, "I've never been hurt or abused, never gone hungry, have walked with Jesus and been blessed my whole life." Saundra and I often reflect on this and it is true for us as well.

We see the problems that so many people have and we have quite simply been blessed our whole lives. Sure, we have little things like this happen to us, but God doesn't promise that his children won't have problems, He just promises to help us through them, and He does. I look back at the little valleys in our lives and I wonder how people handle them that don't have the Lord's help.

Well, that's my thoughts for a peaceful Sunday morning. Instead of having the pleasure of being at Sunday School and church I'm sitting here being philosophical. Or maybe it's just the little buzz from the pain pill Saundra gave me. I guess it could go either way.


Sadie and Sophie said...

A few years ago I was talking to someone about being middle aged, and they kindly pointed out, "Hey, unless you're gonna live to be 118, you're WAYYYY beyond middle aged." Did I say this was a friend?

The other incident occurred while with my 83-year-old mother. The kid at McDonald's gave us the senior discount, and I thought it was because of Mom. But the next time I went, I got it, too. Hmmmm.

"They" (whoever they are) say "age is mind over matter;" if you don't mind, it doesn't matter.

Hope your back feels better soon!

Author Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

I hope you feel better soon. Sorry you're laid up on your back again. Praying for you!

Carole Lehr Johnson said...

I got the senior discount at McDonald's without asking for it, also! I try to ignore those little aches and pains that crop up unexpectedly--not easy sometimes. When I see what health issues some people have, I just remind myself that things could be a lot worse than they are and feel really blessed.

When your buzz wears off I hope your back is better! Look forward to seeing you at the ETBU CWC. God bless.

Sandy Kirby Quandt said...

Sorry to hear you're laid up, Terry. Praying you will soon be up and about, especially w/ the ACFW this week.
Sandy Kirby Quandt