Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Getting back to normal

I've always thought this picture made me look tired, which right now is appropriate. But things are getting back to normal after the computer melt down. I spent most of the day yesterday trying to resolve some driver issues and trying to do business around it. If I’d known I was going to have to completely start over from scratch I would have just gotten a new computer. I spent nearly half the money it would have cost me anyway. However, if I had just gotten a new computer it would have probably come with Windows 8 on it and I don’t like having a new operating system until they get the bugs out of it.

I still have a few hardware issues to work out and most of my files are intact although as I said I did lose some email again so if you have sent me something recently it might be a good idea to send it again.Yes, I have lost email a couple of times here of late and I have been wrestling with what I thought were email issues but it turned out to be a much deeper problem, one which ultimately took down the whole computer. Hopefully it is now resolved.

These computers are such a blessing when they work right, I don't really think I could do my job without it, in fact I know I couldn't. But they are a curse when they don't work right. I accept consequences such as this as the price I have to pay to be online as much as I have to be. I try to mitigate it with all sort of virus protection and programs that clean the computer and all sort of utilities but sometimes in spite of everything the silly thing just goes down.

But looking back I can see up until this recent spree (starting with losing emails) that I really have operated for years with no major difficulty so I guess the odds just caught up with me. Isn't that special? Now perhaps I will go for years once more before it is my turn again.


Linda Glaz said...

No one deserves to have their computers poop out! Sorry you had this trouble, hope all is improving.

old guy rambling said...

I am also trying to fight off Windows 8
Seems to me there should be a Murphy’s Law for phones and computers. When you, at long last, get them figured out, it’s time for a new one.

elisha said...

My grandfather got a new computer with windows 8. There is a huge learning curve. It is so different from the other windows programs I hate it to be honest and he is 80 and doesn't know a thing about computers so I have to learn it to help him. I heard also that it was designed for a phone originally I am holding out for something else if I can. Good luck!