Saturday, May 10, 2014

Children's books

I don't handle children's books, nothing younger than middle readers. I've thought about taking on some younger offerings, I even went to a conference that deals with this age fare to help me make up my mind. What did I come up with? I think they are all really cute and I've found I am no judge of why one is better than another one.

If I can't judge them then I can't select the ones that are best and that I should be representing. So I don't.

I'd read any of them to my grandkids and maybe that is the problem, I'm a grandpa. Not just a grandpa but in fact have ten grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. They call me 'Po.' Decided on that name themselves. Others refer to me as 'grandpa Terry' and that's ok too.

So when it comes to children's books, I'm not an agent, I'm a fan. I'm a grandpa and I love to be that. It's more important to me than being an author or agent, much more important.

Speaking of grandchildren, the young lady sitting beside me in the above picture is a little older now. In fact Iwill be attending her graduation from Abilene Christian University in Abilene Texas this Saturday. We are very proud of her. We will be there cheering her on of course, that goes without saying.

The picture on the right  is the same girl, Mandy Lambright with my mother as she graduated from Carlsbad (NM) High School. I wish mom could be going with us to see this graduation too. And believe me I REALLY wish mom was going to be with us for Mothers Day tomorrow, but I know where she is, and I wouldn't wish her back even if I could.

Children's books? I'm content to just be a reader, someone else can do a better job of handling them.

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