Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Time to Retire

I retired from a career in chamber of commerce management after more than 25 years service.

I retired from working with a community service organization after more than ten years service.

I’ve been with Hartline for over ten years, seven as an agent. After much prayer and discussion my wife and I have decided it is time to retire yet again.

It’s not been an easy decision to make. I have a great group of clients that are together in an online group where we talk daily. They are more than clients, they are good friends. Doing this agent gig has been something of a mission effort for me. I have had a heart for trying to help debut Christian writers get started, whatever it took. Seeing them get their work out has been very satisfying. Of course focusing on debut writers has not been very rewarding financially, but that was a decision I made.

I’ve seen a number of clients move on to other things after I helped them get started.

But it has required a huge investment of time and effort as well as a lot of stress. To tell the truth even though I will miss it, making the decision brought an immediate feeling of relief. I told Joyce it would be effective November first which will give me a couple of months to wrap things up and to try and help my clients get placed elsewhere. A number of them will be picked up by other Hartline agents.

I owe Joyce a debt of gratitude for helping me get started as a writer, serving as my agent. Further she allowed me the opportunity to be an agent myself. I’m very grateful for her help and for her believing in me.

I am going ahead and making the announcement this far ahead to keep people from continuing to submit to me when I am no longer taking submissions. For much of the time I have been working in this role I have attended a couple of conferences a month and received thousands of submissions allowing me to meet quite a large number of writers in person or on paper.  It is an amazing thing having friends spread all over this country. It has been a real blessing.

My daughter and a couple of my clients are hosting a “virtual retirement party” over on my facebook page. Leave a comment here or drop by there and sign the “virtual guest book.”

God bless you all . . .



Deborah Dee Harper said...

Terry, I'll visit your retirement party too, but just wanted to tell you I've never known a more humble and talented man than you. You've been such a great help to me as my agent; you've been an inspiration to me as a Christian. I've learned so much from you, Terry, and I'll be sorry to see you leave Hartline. Enjoy your time with Saundra, sing, write, visit grandkids, travel, and do all the things you didn't have the time to do as an agent. You deserve it, my friend!

Terry Burns said...

Thank you Deb, you are more than a client, you are a good friend and I'm sure we will stay in touch

MaryAnn Diorio, PhD, MFA said...

“To everything there is a season,” as the Good Book says. The wise man discerns the seasons. As you being this new phase of your life, may our Lord richly bless you. Thank you for serving as my agent. I have come to know you as a man of great integrity and honor.

Blessings to you and Saundra!

MaryAnn Diorio