Monday, December 1, 2008

Are you Sick?

Really, are you?
Saundra and I were down over the holidays with a nasty little bug. She went down a couple of days before I did and is coming out of it now except for a really sore throat. I’m starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. She went to work today, she’s a massage therapist and has appointments scheduled. I hope it isn’t too much for her.

Fortunately for me going to work is a long commute down the hall to the study. I mentioned it to one of my clients and she said, “Boy, you have it good!” I know I’m blessed, and I’m very grateful. She and her hubby have been down as well and he had to go in this morning.

I just keep hearing it, over and over, I talk to people and editors, clients, authors, people in our agency, seems like everybody I talk to have been down with something. We had to cancel the kids and grandkids coming in for the holiday because we wouldn’t be good company, and even more because we didn’t want them to catch it. We hear back that it’s hitting them anyway.

We didn’t go to church because we didn’t have the strength, and again because we didn’t want to spread it. But I hear that its sweeping through the congregation anyway. I don’t remember a holiday where sickness seemed to be more prevalent. I’m sure there have been, I probably just block them out.

Being Irish, the first remedy even before I started coming down myself and was taking care of my wife was to make a big pot of potato soup. That’s comfort food for the Irish and everybody knows it has great healing powers. Sure, I know about chicken soup, but it’s just not the same.

I did get quite a bit of work done. When you’re trapped in a recliner and there’s nothing on TV you need a diversion of some sort. Reading manuscripts helped fill the time. Was I more or less open to how good the projects I was reading were? I don’t know that it made much of a difference either way. I did lose interest in reading pretty regularly and that would normally be a bad sign for a manuscript. This time I accepted the fact that it could just be the medication and my attention span and allowed myself to set them aside without blaming the work.

I sincerely hope you weren’t one of this large number of people who seem to have gone down over the holiday and hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Now, let’s see, its sixteen days to Saundra’s birthday and 24 days to Christmas eve. My where does the time go?


Avily Jerome said...

I didn't get sick, but my kids did.

Well, two out of three. I guess that's not as bad as it could be.

We went out of town, and my oldest spent the whole weekend with a raspy voice and a croupy cough.

My youngest didn't have too many outward symptoms, but she didn't sleep at night, and just cried the whole time, so I didn't sleep either.

They both seem to be doing much better now that we're home and back to our regular schedule.

Hope you feel better soon, too!!!

Alison Bryant said...

It sure has been rampant down here in SE New Mexico, too. I did my time with that awful bug about a month ago, and I know others here who are just now experiencing that joy.

I hope y'all recover soon and regain strength quickly. Keep drinking plenty of fluids (sorry...sometimes I can't help but "mother" everyone, even people I don't know well)!

Walks-As-Bear said...

Boy, folks... stuff like this is scarier than all get-out for me. My domestic boss was diagnosed with leukemia last December, and has gone through a bone marrow transplant. She's doing really well – resting safely and securely in the palm of the Creator's hand, eh. But part of her treatment – in chemo and radiation, etc, destroys her immune system. She’ll even have to have all of her childhood vaccinations – all over again. But right now… she’s susceptible to any old thing. Basically… if somebody sneezes on TV – she gets a cold – that kind’a thing, eh. The Leukemia Kid is a full-blood transplant from the Emerald Isle, too, and, ‘tater soup is, indeed, really good. But, boy, if ya’all don’t do it – you should, keep the peelings on them spuds because that’s where all the vitamin C is, eh. Anyhow, we’re staying hunkered down and I sure hope that ya’all get past what’s ailing ya and stay well. Happy Christmas, everyone.

David Walks-As-Bear,