Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm very happy

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Yup, I'm mighty happy. My grandson, Preston, allowed his father and I to walk down the aisle with him Sunday as he made a profession of faith. I got the Christmas present I wanted the most.
It isn't the first time I've gotten that particular Christmas present and now there are two vying for the spot as my favorite. The other happened on a Christmas eve many years ago when I watched Preston's dad, my son Bryan, and my daughter Teresa baptised together in a candlelight service. The only lighting was candles int he windows on on each pew end, there were live wreaths everywhere which gave the place a smell I will never forget.
In fact, both events are now burned into my memory like a hot brand. If you want to make an old cowboy cry this will get it done every time.
I hope each of you had a terrific Christmas as well and hope the New Year will be happy and prosperous. I do know it will be a year when Christians need to be spending a lot of time on their knees and a lot of time keeping the leaders of our country in our prayers. We have a lot of people in national leadership roles who don't seem to be very religious or even very moral and if there was ever a time when we need God's hand on our nation we need it now.
But in spite of all that . . . I'm still very happy.

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