Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I represent Cinderella

This is just too cool not to pass on.

Yes, it is true, I do represent Cinderella. Intrigued? There's more.

I also represent Sleeping Beauty, Ariel the Little Mermaid, and Alice in Wonderland. Is that a celebrity lineup or what? How many agents can say they represent such an amazing group?

How could this be?

A new client, Jenny Hammerle, used to work at Walt Disney World-Orlando while she was in college and had the pleasure of being each of these famous ladies. Her time in the 'magic kingdom' may have played a role in the way she writes for young people. Her young adult series "Redneck Debutante" is already under serious consideration by a publisher.

Jenny will be a delightful addition to my client group and as to the other ladies mentioned above? I believe that does give me bragging rights on them.

But if you have always been holding out for Prince Charming? Give it up. She married him . . . literally.

The actual picture of the two is above.


Diana said...

Fun! Hope the contract is forthcoming!

Normandie Ward Fischer said...

Terry, this is just so much fun!

Linda Yezak said...

Oh, this is a hoot! Should we expect pixie dust?

Terry Burns said...

Maybe - I don't give away all my secretes

Cheryl Linn Martin said...

This is just too cool, Terry! I love that Cinderella married her Prince Charming for REAL!!!