Thursday, March 8, 2012

This is a numbers day

This is a numbers kind of day. I had a client want some numbers to use in making a presentation to a group. Over on the Hartline blog at I did a blog on what some of the stats are in my little corner of the publishing business.

But I'm not through with numbers. I got another post that really put into perspective what is going on in Washington these days. The premise is simple, we take the numbers from the federal government and we remove EIGHT ZEROS FROM THEM! Eight zero's that's mind blowing.

Anyway, if we take these zeros off we end up with a number that we can relate to as a family budget.
Annual Family income:      $21,700
Money the family spent:     $38,200
New debt on the credit card  $16,500
Balance on credit card           $142, 710 (higher since these numbers were compiled)
Total budget cuts the family has taken to address the problem:   $385

Any questions?

I'm a lifelong independent, I don't back any political party, but whether they are an elephant or a mule we need to send people to congress and to the white house that have one agenda, quit spending money we don't have, and pay off this credit card. We couldn't get away with this in our family budget and we shouldn't be trying to get away with it as a nation either.

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