Thursday, September 25, 2008

Digging through the pile

Roger Bruner sent me a nice picture of the two of us at Minneapolis. With ten clients there working editors like Sarah Palin at a fundraiser they got a ton of requests for proposals that I'm busy trying to fill. My new assistant, Kristine Pratt, also brought in pages of intel she painstakingly gathered and I'm mining that for needed submissions. In other words, I have a lot of stuff to get out.

The American Christian Fiction Writers conference is the premier conference for Christian fiction writers and the conference is set up to get them maximum exposure with agents and editors. It does that big time. However the better that format is, the less time agents have to get a little time with editors. We're generally busy at the same times. For that reason it was good Kristine and the clients were out there working it since I wasn't getting the time to do it. I'm really enjoying all of the comments and insights that they are sending me.

As often as not they also got insight that is leading them to say "let me tweak this or that before you send it," as they have learned something from the editor that they feel they can improve in their proposal or manuscript. I really love that attitude in them, and have yet to see an editor who wasn't up for a resubmit of an "improved version" if they learned something that would make it a better fit for them.

So, I better get my head back down and start cranking this stuff out.

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Mommy C said...

Dear Mr. Burns,

I hope that you do not mind me writing you, but I have been struggling with a question for the past week. (This is not a query. It is a question).

I am unsure exactly how edgey the work you represent can be? I don't write Christian material, but I do have a western bent to most things I write. I'm a children's writer (working with a publisher right now), a performing cowgirl poet, and a novelist.

You would appear to be the perfect agent for me to query, but I am working on a novel (strong western bent) that is edgey, though absent of gratuitous profanity (there is some)and explicit scenes. My protagonist journey's through some very, very dark places before she discovers that being a mother and surrendering her hunt for the next "thing", will be the key to her happiness. Would this go against your values?

I guess I am wondering what you are willing to represent? I have read through your posts and am still a little unclear on this. Would I be wasting my time with a query? I am eager to have the broad spectrum of my work represented by one agent, or at least one agency.

I would also love if you could do a post on how to "show" profanity, rather than just put it out there.

Thank you for your time.


Christy Jordan/ Mommy C