Thursday, September 4, 2008

I am deeply and genuinely ashamed.

I am a rare breed, an actual card carrying independent. When I was doing chamber of commerce work I had to work with both parties so I carried an independent voter registration card and I gave up my right to vote in the primaries because I did not want that card stamped with a party affiliation. I voted for the person and not the party.

It is coming from this sort of context that I admit how deeply ashamed I am of our national media. There are some journalistic giants from past years who were so fiercely idealistic about being objective that they would be every bit as mortified as I am, probably more.

The media used to at least hide the fact that they were pushing a liberal agenda but now they don’t even bother to do that. I resent them thinking that I am so stupid that I will believe every slant they put on the news. I resent it when they interview Obama with questions designed to make him look good and then interview Sarah Palin with questions designed to make her look unqualified. I resent it when he flops from place to place on issues until he finally finds a point he can stick with and the media ignores it. I resent it when they put all political considerations aside and suddenly make the big news item about her daughter expecting a baby as if it made her immoral to support her. What I saw was a mother with a daughter making a mistake and her offering unconditional love and support. I applaud that.

I resent them saying a mother of five could not have the time to do the job when half of our country is working mothers and every one of them should be incensed with that implication. I resent them scoffing at her executive experience running a city and a state when neither of her opponents have experience administrating anything. When they try to stuff all this down my throat it shows how little regard for my intelligence that they have. Hitler used media propaganda with amazing results, but people this is not Nazi Germany.

The people of this nation have a right to objective reporting of news, not propaganda but we aren’t getting it and the more they try to pull the wool over my eyes the more I want to ask the questions they are not asking. I have watched both conventions and one was a pep rally full of sound and fury and signifying nothing. In the other I saw speaker after speaker take on the tough questions and answer them. I also heard them asking the questions nobody seems willing to ask the other side because the media won’t ask them. And I knew the answers they were giving were true.

This independent is taking sides this year. The media made me do it, left me no choice. I hope everybody wakes up and sees how little regard they have for the intelligence of the voting public.

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