Monday, September 22, 2008

News from the Conference

Ten clients and I worked the ACFW Conference in Minneapolis and we did it like a team. The big news from there is client Jane Thornton, who won the Genesis award for the mystery/thriller/suspense category with "Menace," and took a third place in Romantic Suspense with "Be Anxious." Susan Miura was a finalist in Genesis Young Adult with "Show Me a Sign," and a writing client, Eleanor Clark won 2nd place in young adult Book of the Year with "Sarah Jane, Liberty's Torch." Congratulations to all.

The clients who were at ACFW were Roger Bruner, Bill Garrison, Curt Iles, Annette Irby, Mary and Jean James, Pam Meyers, Susan Miura, Donn Taylor and Jennifer Hudson Taylor. They did a terrific job pitching to editors and finding out and passing on information. When we all get back and they send me notes on all this information I will put it all together and will probably learn some things cumulatively that wasn’t apparent on individual comments.

I got some more significant help at the conference. I have a new apprentice, Kristine Pratt. I didn't even know I needed an apprentice until Kristine explained it to me. She wants to learn to be an agent and is willing to work with me in order to do it. Kristine is a writer of Christian Fantasy, Science Fiction and Women's fiction. She also is a writer of non-fiction, and right now her projects include a Young Adult science fiction series set on the Jupiter Moons and a non-fiction self-help book. She runs a small editing service Written World Communications and has been looking at a lot of proposals. The name "Written World Communications" was in fact taken from the setting of her fantasy novels. Kristine was a ACFW Genesis winner in 2007 and came in second in the ACFW Noble Theme Contest in 2005. She's been published in Women's World and has written several articles. I believe Kristine will be a big help to me catching up and identifying and submitting to additional markets.

Bottom line it was a good conference although a busy one. With twelve of us fanned out over the event we created a significant buzz. Add in about 40 Hartline clients with Tamela and her clients and though Joyce and Diane weren’t there, they had clients representing them as well. Tamela coordinated that and did a terrific job. There was a lot of talk about Hartline at the event. My sincere thanks to all who made the event and our participation so successful.

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