Saturday, February 7, 2009

Check out the good news!

The “Good News” tab on my website has changed. It has now become the place where I not only announce awards and book sales, but now show the book covers and offer sales links where they can be purchased. I really work with a fine group of people. You can go directly to the page at . I do show the author’s picture on an announcement until the cover art and the purchase link are available.

I do blog at the website as I can, hopefully several times a week, and take on writing issues, agent questions, faith and religion and whatever comes across my crowded little mind. The blog is actually on but echos on my website and on my site at

The website features a writing link library that a lot of people return to often looking for tips and answers to writing questions. The site is over 3 million hits and almost 450,000 unique visitors coming mostly from the US, but I do have visitors from all over the world as well. I am indebted to Bonnie Calhoun, one of my clients and the publisher of Christian Fiction Online Magazine who helps me a lot with my website and who gave a facelift to the front page on the website.

I am running a contest for libraries and through those libraries and home-schoolers for teen readers. The contest details are at a link on the front page of the website and I hope it is going to bring in some input from young readers. Input that I will run in my blog when it is appropriate. If you know some young readers who would like the chance to win 100 bucks and be featured on my blog, hook ‘em up on the contest.

I’m in the process of making this contest known to libraries all over the country and when the library does participate I add them to the directory of libraries where my books are shelved also posted on the website. Now to post my blog for on “It’s Only a First Draft”which is now up, and I have an interview at of all places which should post tomorrow.

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