Sunday, February 1, 2009

Forsaking fellowship

I remember when it used to be so easy to find a reason where it made sense to skip church. I also remember that when such a perfectly logical excuse came along the next time it was much easier to find. Finally I came along to discover they were coming along all the time.

I was absolutely mortified when I saw what had happened and got right with the Lord again. We’re told we are not to forsake fellowship, to seek the company of fellow believers. But not out of duty. We should do it because we need the support, where we need the spiritual renewal that comes from being in the company of believers.

Then we find we really miss it when we can’t be there. We miss the people, the experience, we feel lost because something is missing. Here I am now, foot poked up in the air as if it doesn’t really belong to me. Best excuse in the world, the doctor said stay off of it. But I don’t need an excuse, I miss it. I attended by TV today but it wasn’t the same.

The Bible knows what it is talking about when it says not to forsake fellowship. And I’m looking at three months of this. Hopefully before long I can get there on crutches or on mom’s scooter or something. I can’t do three months of this.


Avily Jerome said...

It's so much easier to get out of a habit than to get back in, isn't it? But you let it slide once or twice and suddenly it doesn't seem like such a big deal, and you find other things to occupy your time and it just goes downhill from there.
Thanks for your reminder to stay faithful!

Linda said...

When I was going through chemotherapy I suddenly found myself in the situation that I simply could not attend church a lot of the time. This was an eight month duration. Let me tell you that that was a mountain top high! The fellowship I had with God at that time was sweeter than I had ever experienced before. God effectively slowed me down so He could spend time with me-just me. His timing, His way.