Saturday, February 14, 2009

My key to a happy valentine

When you’re laid up as I am, the fact that you can reach your florist online and pick out what you want is a real lifesaver. A very pretty arrangement is now sitting on top of the television and a happy wife is puttering around the house. The surprise was marred a little by the dog trying to eat the delivery man, but what can I say?

Valentines Day is a warm, fuzzy holiday despite attempts to commercialize it is we do all holidays. It’s a day when we are reminded how much we love the ladies in our lives and they are reciprocating. It’s something that should happen more day-by-day during the year.

I remember back in grade school when we went to school armed with a bag full of valentines for those in our class and of course for the teacher. I remember the warm feeling opening all of those that I got, the shy smiles from the girls and the self-conscious embarrassment of the boys. Watching my grandkids I don’t think the reactions are quite the same thing today.

I also gave Saundra a gift for Valentine’s Day and letting her pick out the specific one herself. But it isn’t the gift that is important. What’s important is the fact that I knew what would make her happy without being told, as I did Christmas, and on occasions before that. That’s the real gift, and making her happy is what makes me happy.

Happy Valentines Day all.

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