Thursday, May 27, 2010

Meet Miss Makayla

The vital statistics: 7 pounds 6 oz 20" long. Born to Marcie and Jason Gunter at 11:43 pm on 5/24/10

I couldn't go over when Saundra did and it's driving me nuts. Grandchild number ten and the first granddaughter in eighteen years. I'm going to get mom to go over this weekend.

Here's a shot of big brother Jalen meeting his little sister and holding her for the first time. If this young lady doesn't end up spoiled rotten it'll be a miracle!

The roster of Grandkids:

1. Shanda Hendrichs - Wife of Kenneth Hendrichs - lives in Dallas Area

2. Kasey Seeberger - recent college grad - lives in Arkansas

3. Jacob Lambright - living in Palestine Texas

4. Mandy Lambright - sophmore at Abilene Christian University

5. Preston Burns - lives in Carlsbad NM

6. Jalen Guenter - lives in Elk City OK

7. Alex Waters - lives in Elk City OK

8. Brice Burns - lives in Carlsbad NM

9. Sean Burns - lives in Carlsbad NM

10. Makayla Guenter - lives in Elk City OK

What a roster!

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Normandie Fischer said...

Indeed, a roster that can't help but evoke pride in their grandparents' heart. Now, Lord, we just pray that each of them will grow mighty in You, trees that bend and do not break.