Monday, May 3, 2010

Oklahoma Writer's Federation

I just returned from this conference and wanted to take a moment to comment on it.

Bottom line? This is a great conference. The organization has members from a five state area, but of course you do not have to be a member to attend the conference. I didn't get a head count but did hear that it was in the 400 range. They had excellent faculty and programming and the facility worked really well having housing and all of the program under one roof.

The dress was casual except for the banquet where the finery came out including some very ornate gowns. I noticed quite a number did not come prepared to do that but were not made to feel out of place, nor did they seem uncomfortable dressing down a bit.

There was a good selection of editors and agents present and most attendees took full advantage of the appointments available to them. The conference price was very reasonable, and with Oklahoma City being right in the center of the country, access was good and the conference was held in easy shuttle distance of the airport.

This is a laid back, easy going conference that was a lot of fun and it is easy to recommend. It was rewarding to me personally as well. A lady came up after my program and said "I've been coming to this conference since 1973, and that was the best talk I've ever heard." Now that's a complement with meat on the bone.



Normandie Fischer said...

Terry, DO you have any of these talks that you could upload for those of us stuck on sailboats in Mexico?

Terry Burns said...

No, I'm sorry, it wasn't recorded.

Linda Glaz said...

Those are the kind of comments you can feast on a long time.