Sunday, May 30, 2010

Reader Survey

I'm making a potential reader survey: Is this a cover that would cause you to pick up the book?

I committed time to an online course for the American Christian Fiction writers. It was an intensive effort and I put eight to ten hours a day into it for an entire month leading the discussion and answering what questions I could, finding out anything I couldn't answer.

I looked at the huge amount of information when it finished, but I had a lot of the 600 participants asking for a print version that they could use as a resource. I compiled it into a book which Port Yonder Press will soon have out. I'm very pleased.

I have it available for pre-order in the bookstore at my website and for those who do pre-order, I'm sending them a smaller ebook version to use until the print version is available.

So what do you think? Is this a cover that would entice you to take a look? Or would a cover along this theme but using a real person work better? Leave a comment and tell me.



Anonymous said...

I like it!
The picture makes it look like a book that doesn't take itself too seriously. Which is good, because who wants to read something that winds up sounding like a self-important text book?

I'm looking forward to reading it.

stephhov said...

Not for me. It looks too much like a cheap self-published book. I've seen too many of them that are poorly done, so I do judge them by their covers.

I would need a more professional-looking cover.

If I think it looks amateur, then I don't necessarily trust the content when it's non-fiction.

With your name on it however, I'd give it a look. I've read your blog comments, and they're good. But, based on the cover art - it's a no.

Anonymous said...

I agree that it looks amateurish.

Anonymous said...

Umm..well, no.
As a couple of the others suggested, it doesn't look very professional. I'm not sure I would get past the cover to see your name.

W. H. Hayes said...

I would agree that it does look not advance the professional and valuable content of your course material.

Anonymous said...

I agree it needs to have a more professional look. I thought it was a childrens book by 1st glance

Anonymous said...

Not a bad picture as such, though it does look childish - but what's with that text? Don't you want it to be clear? Remember it will often be seen at thumbnail size, too.

Terry Burns said...

Appreciate all the comments - it is unusual to have this much input with a publisher and while they are interested in getting it right they do have the final say of course. Publishers always do, almost all contracts specify that.

B.K. Jackson said...

I glanced at the thumbnail picture before even beginning to read the blog entry. I had trouble reading the print but when I squinted and figured out what it said, I was startled because I wasn't expecting it to be the pitch and promote book based on the cover. I would have assumed it was the cover art for yours or a client's children's book.

Anonymous said...

The cover does get your attention and make you look twice.

Diane said...

Looks kind of kid home made. Not for me..... sorry. :O)