Monday, May 17, 2010

The One That Got Away

Just had an interesting discussion with a client who was concerned about taking an offer, concerned that a bigger one might be getting away. I said, let me set your mind at ease, a bigger one IS getting away.

A bigger one is always getting away. When we're looking to buy a car and we get the best deal we can find, are we letting a better deal get away? Probably. How about a house, a TV set, no matter what we are buying or selling we have to do the best we can do because there is probably always that elusive deal that we just don't know about.

With book deals it can be that we aren't there at the right time, there isn't a catalog slot open but maybe later there will be. We're ahead of or right behind the curve. They just did one like it and we missed it, or maybe some time later they will be able to do another one. The market is not right for it, but maybe later will be.

Unless we are signing that big, bestseller-bound deal, there is always the possibility that we are letting a bigger opportunity get away by taking an offer. Life is just like that. We have to let the bird-in-the-
hand get away to take a shot at something else. Is it worth it?

That depends. Does the gamble pay off? We do pass on the smaller offer and do land the big one then it is. We pass on it and end up with no deal, then it wasn't. Like Clint Eastwood said when he stuck that big pistol of his in a guys face, cocked it, and said "Do you feel lucky?"

It's the author's call and I've had them win and I've had them lose. Sure, I make sure they know what they are giving up and what they might get. I try to make sure they understand all the variables, but I sure don't tell them what to do.

After all, when it comes right down to it, Clint is right, "Do You Feel Lucky?"

Just thought I'd share that with you.


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Linda Glaz said...

I think it comes down to trusting your agent-ahem-and trusting God to put you there at the right time. After that, keep on trusting.